From the beginning…..
This movement it breathes, a community that feeds, the belonging that has me,
witnessing times that are yet to be
And this unity it grooves, moving to a sound that soothes like a visionary paints,
with a palette of angels and saints
Stepping it up, keeping the spirit alive now, co-existing in this thriving hive
It goes beyond birth and beyond this rhyme, just like the beat of a heartbeat through these times
So alive alive alive….
So plant your feet in respect to the tree my friend growing branches strong from the essence of we
Deep into the earth, constellation strong kind are the vibrations of this song
Flowing liquid as the rhymes submerge, soundwaves a sending, feel the urge to converge
The blessed unrest of humankind, are re-connecting the heart and the mind
In a simple way it births, the seeds of a brand new earth, like a movement that thrives,
we got a beating heart so alive so alive
When community gets down, to rise it up into the ever flowing sound, culture can be found,
and the blessing of love abounds abounds

Looking down upon the world, it all seems so simple. Looking down upon it all, there is room to breathe
Looking down upon the world, it all comes together. Looking down upon it all….
Here, is where i lay it all on down, things have got so complicated spinning around this town
Round and round, until my heads all tangled up, so I’m following in the footsteps I’ve found
To be looking down upon the world……
Here, is where I start the day over, softly once again upon my way, year by year, I have been learning, there is a new sun with each day
and if we walk to the sun, the shadows fall behind us, both best feet forward, there’s nothing missed
All that we’ve done, has made a difference, come rest a moment here in this
Looking down upon the world…

In the morning, as I rise, I have walked a thousand dreams in the journey of the night
In the morning, as I rise, Open wide
Yes in the morning, as i rise, I have dreamed a thousand dreams in the journey of the night
In the morning as i rise, Open wide
For this life we live it as a journey, ever moving to the one, this life we live it as a rhythm,
it is a song… that will always…be sung (and we will always be sung)
So in the daylight, when the sun is high, when the shadows are their shortest, I raise my hands up high
Feeling the moment, embrace the sky, Open wide
And in the evening, as I rest, paint the pictures of the day before the sun sinks down into the west
In the evening as I rest, Open wide
For this life, we live it as a staircase, and we’re stepping each day to find,
that as we turn our eyes to the sun, life’s shadows no longer bind
So bless the wine, break the bread, deep down this hunger can be fed,
for even as we wander and we roam..Every single step is coming home
Open wide

Like a hummingbirds beating wing I sing i sing I sing….like the beating wing of a hummingbird sing
In the knowing of what life can grow
Do you move through this world, running circles in the mind,
just a keep your feet tapping time, all the time,
Like a hummingbird’s wing in the sun
Because the feathered flight, it grows my imagination wild,
and the songs that are heard, from the hummingbird
Are still showing us what life can grow
Knowing, in the knowing…..
Upon the feathered wing, sweet the nectar we do bring, the Creatress holds us strong, to belong
In the knowing of what life can grow
For when the battles are gone, we find that we’re singing the same song
Holding the art of a culture strong, belong for so long
Now we in this one together, wood, bone stone, or feather
In the knowing of what life can grow

The traffic stands still again and locked are the doors, the solitary driver feels lonely once more
In a city of millions driving round the bend, surrounded by people but none are his friend
Sparrow watches from his nest up high, in concrete and steel he has learned how to fly
Feeding on the scraps of humanities waste, don’t wake me up now, cause I still have the taste
Of the roots that grow, so deep in the ground, and the birds that sing in their sweet song of sound
In the cracks in the concrete a seed has been sown, it is traveling, moving, growing,
and becoming strong once again. Or so i am told
Why we trample the ground with our cities of steel, this greed it moves on with no thought for the wheel,
that is turning the cycles that give us this life, we are walking this time on the edge of a knife
Can you feel the connection that grows in the air, I’m breathing it here and your breathing it there
We are bound by the same in this lifetime of form, come feel the glory of each day thats born
Where the roots still grow, so deep in the ground, and the birds still sing in their sweet song of sound
In the cracks in the concrete a seed has been sown,
It is traveling, moving, growing, and becoming strong once again
Let the beauty unfold, wrapped in silver and gold, to have and to hold

Another day over and darkness begins the new, I did not see the news today, but I know that it’s true
That many more died in a land not far from my dream, may we wake on the morrow,
waving our white flags of peace
– Chorus –
And the guns never awaken from their sleep
As the armies awaken into their peace
It’s not the guns, but the hands that hold them, say can you see down this line
This land be yours and that land be mine, say can you see through this rhyme
Cause the rivers run dry and the deserts flowing rain, war fighting war fighting pain…..
– Chorus –
As humanity cries awaken from your sleep, awaken from your slumber and safe you will keep
Sons and daughters of war, we know not what you now fight for, children come out to play
.. may no more die on this day
– Chorus –
May we wake on the morrow, awake on the morrow
waving our white flags of peace

Pure rain, awake me from my sleep
Falling rain, and safely we will keep
In the dawning of the earth, I will lay my body down, quench my thirst
When the morning comes again, to purify me
Pure rain, it washes clean my dreams
Sweet falling rain, just as simple as it seems
Where the water meets the ground, I will lay my body down, become the sound of
A love that flows free, it purifies me
All will wash away I know, all will wash away I know
Pure rain, washes over me
Sweet falling rain, come set my spirit free now
For there is time, to renew, come lay your body down
There is nothing else to do but, surrender to the stream
It purifies me

If you woke up this morning with a heavy heart, did not know where to begin it or how to start
To heal the wounds of darkness got to reveal again this light
Just remember, it’s gonna be OK now, it’s gonna be alright
Darkness reveals the light, burns like a blessing through the longest night
It is a part of the way, to unfold softly and begin another day
So if your feeling like your heart wants to walk the other way
Feeling torn apart, from the merging with the flame
Of this life, that breathes, that feeds, that weaves, the path we’re upon
It’s gonna be alright, if we keep it moving along, gonna be OK if we keep on holding it strong
So take a moment, give a moment, take in the view, feel the bigger picture of what your going through
This is life, what our hearts are beating for, so open up the window, unlock the door
Darkness reveals the light

Breathe, just for a minute, and drink from the water of the stream
Do you remember when you woke to your freedom, I’m telling you now that it wasn’t just a dream
Can you rise on your wings from the gridlock, and feel your place within it all
Cause up above the rat race, beyond the fumes, you can smell, taste, you can feel it all
You ain’t so different from me man, no, we both got hearts beating and I can see
That we strive to awaken for the children”s dream, and just live to be life simple and free
All we have is this one to make a difference
In this world to celebrate, all we have is this one,
to feel the heartbeat, of living life just simple and free
All we have is this one, to make a difference, in this world to celebrate
The living just to be life… Simple and free
Cause there ain’t no winner of the rat race no
It’s just up each day into a heavy heavy pace
Leaving no time for gazing at the stars at night, and i can tell you it’s such a beautiful sight
When the times feeling timeless, your living it real, feel your pulse, can you pulse, can you feel
Nowhere to go, nothing to be, here, when your living life simple and free

There are many different winds that blow, there are many different fountains that flow
There are many different ways I know, to sit back and watch the mountains grow
So come step upon the journey that leads you away,
from the fears and the troubles that stand in your way
Step into the sunlight there’s room here to breathe, for all the locks there are many keys
Sweet breath of air on the journey ah yes, let it complete in completeness
Step into the sunlight there’s room here to know, room just to be and room here to grow
This now we bring to your table, highness, memories oh I remember ah yes
Step into the sunlight, there’s room to receive, room here to give, and room here to breathe

Soulful and deep, smooth and flowing, smell the blossoms of the seeds we’re sowing
Pure and high, we rest in the I , full is the cup hold it up to the sky
To the Earth, we know what it’s worth, tracking the path evolutionary birth
Kinnection keeps the connection deep
To awaken again from the sleep
Awaken again from the sleep
Remember the dreams we keep, them close to the song that sings in the pure
Voices that strengthen, voices that cure…
Holding Strong
And so here we hold the deepest knowing, pure and simple the seeds now growing
Into the sunlight feel the warmth, in the presence we weathered the storm…..
Holding Strong