Up from the ground

It’s like the more we’re looking the less that we see
the more we got do, the less we can be
The more we build, the more we cut down
the further we go, the less we’re leaving in the ground
It seems like the more we know, the less we can grow
Mass communication it can weigh you down low
Just like the more we read, the less we feel
and nothing on the TV anymore seems real no
But the threads of the tapestry they are weaving
Humanities time of healing
Threads of ancestry I believe in
Unlock your memory majesty oh majesty
And teach your children how to cook it on the fire my friend
Just the way you did it long time ago
Teach them your song and the way to journey strong
passing on the things that you know
Raise up their voices, shake a rattle at the sky
The sun is on the set and you know
That we be handing to the children the ancient futures key
Turn it in the lock, turn it in the lock and it shall grow
Unlock your memory
– Chorus –
Cause the more that we sow, the harvest we reap
the more we awaken and rise from this sleep
Come on step up and turn off your TV now
I’ll tell a vision to you, you tell a vision to me
Because the further we look into the mystery
the more that we are finding that the you and the me
Are woven into humanities one community, one community….
– Chorus –
For all humanity, come feel the ancient tree, unlock your memory
to the majesty oh majesty

This meaningfull translation, interpreted to Kin
is digestable again, it’s full of Yang and full of Yin
Biodegradable it is and adaptable to you
so valuable it is, and it’s fashionable too
More unbreakable, unshakable, unstoppable with each day
We are portable and audible, and visible in this way
Peaceful but powerful we witness all we’re seeing
Living in the rhythm of an integrated human being
In this here miracle, ah yeah…
It is attainable, and so enjoyable, now it’s digestable, contained in every vegetable
Come get your belly full, it is biodegradable but not disposable cause if it fits it’s wearable
Feeds the insatiable, and yes you are eligible, for this here bountiful miracle
Interdimensional, we’re always changing skins,
visioning where we’re going and carrying where we’ve been
– Chorus –
Can you feel it rising up from the earth, can you see it flowing in the trees
Can you feel it beating in your beating heart, this is the sanctuary
Can you feel it breathing in and out, can you see it in everything that your seeing
Can you walk it on the earth my friend, walk it in the rhythm of an integrated human being
It dwells within the source of this vibrational discourse
bounding over boundless boundaries
Navigating here, and navigating there, the stitches in this crystaline frequency
With a cathedral of a canopy and a sunlight to tune it in
This music of life we’re singing it is written by your kin
Timeless and ancient it’s unlocking all the bars, planetarily connected to the stars
Beautiful and inside, in my heart and yours,
stopping at all stations gives you access to all floors
Multidimentional, it witnesses all it’s seeing
Through the eye, of an integrated human being
– Chorus –
Indestructable but changable, we witness all we’re seeing
All this is translatable to integrated human beings
In this Miracle, ahh yeah

Some of my roots are dark, and some of your roots have plenty
Some of our roots are from the same seed, and our vision is twenty twenty
Some of my roots lived here and there, and some of them danced in the sound
Some of your roots, they were dancing there too, cause we all grow up from the ground
Cause though we all grow on different branches of the tree
We all grow up from the ground
We all grow up from the ground
Born into a white skinned body, but still feeling the same deep roots
That were grown into the sands of this country, and if we join them together we can bring sweet fruits
To the table of concilliation, and we’re passing it all around
Because though we all grow on different branches of the tree
We all grow up from the ground
– Chorus –
Some of my roots are tribal, and some of your roots they might have been there too
Some of our roots sung in the sahara, or prayed to the stars from Timbuktu
Moving on through the ages, carrying all that we’ve found
Growing on our different branches, but all growing up from the ground
– Chorus –

My bones they are your bones, and my feet they are your walk
Your water flows within, these feelings that you can talk
For we are all instruments if we tune to the now
and it is your song that we welcome, and allow
So come tell your story, for the farthest one to hear
The story is, into the all we disappear
Cause we’re moving on the soundwaves, becoming a song
We know the story’s been inside us all along
and so, we shake a rattle to tell it once again
To gather all the children, and to tell of a time when
The people lived with power, that could not be bought nor sold
They lived within the wheel as the seasons did unfold
Stepping with soft footsteps, on the third stone from the sun
To the highest mountain, the men, the woman all would run
and dance the mystic spiral, to each moment they would die
Merging with the mystery, shaking a rattle whoa yo yo yo
Shaking a rattle at the sky
So feel the light that’s streaming, as the planet is revolving
Greet the heat thats warming if you will, if you will
Hear the soundwaves beaming, on every level receiving
The stitches in the weaving iif you will, if you will..
If you will, if you will….

There’s a new song forming, outside of the bubble
We’re building a brand new bridge from babylons rubble
for here and there is a place beyond compare
Feel it moving in this moment, step outside if you dare
Come and step outside
Beyond the jingle into the songline, beyond the 5, 6, 7 and the 8, 9
beyond the walls where we’re living in these times
There’s a much bigger house, throwing you a line
To get hooked on the cosmos, and crazy mystic vibe
The prophesy of people in the funky seeking tribe
The mystic is mystically seen, by the searchers and the seekers
that are now and that have been saying
You can’t stop the changes in the weather
You can’t stop community coming together
You can’t stop the birds of one feather
You can’t stop the people keep coming together
Yeah, because that’s what we do….
Your so fast, just breathe, like a bubble blowing bigger holding tricks up a sleeve
We create these, crazy times of moving through a changing atmosphere
Into release, peace, come bouncing in the clouds every step another closer to the
Grand central sun, it’s begun, slippery sliding once again, 7, 8, 9, and 10
What we gonna do with this freedom in our lives, and what we gonna do with this choice
What we gonna do with these blessings, we gonna send them out on the wings of our voice
In the song that is rising beyond these times of war, planet that is crying will you stand up for the prayer,
that’s singing if we open up our ears and hear the phone that’s a ringing with a message in a bottle saying
– Chorus –
So come on and ride, rise into this body of your being ride the lows ride the highs
into the middle path down the road, setting down releasing all our heavy heavy loads
Standing still, backwards and forwards once again, the rhythm of life it grooves us we’re the paper it’s the pen so,
come rise up and greet this day, come on down to the playground, come out and play…
– Chorus –
You can’t stop the feathers on the wing
You can’t stop the people keep gathering
You can’t stop it, raising up the vibe
and you can’t stop the people in the funky seeking tribe

This very moment, stretched into eternity
It is our dreamtime, come riding on the waves of the sea
So what can we do, we’re gonna give thanks to the river that’s flowing to the sea
Through me and you, we’re singing no more struggle let the river flow on through let the garden grow free
Walk it in the garden, feel it as your walking down the street
Walk it in the garden, growing through the cracks in the concrete
Walk it in the garden, feel it the garden growing free
Then you can see, that the I become the We
The mothers who are waking to feed the little ones
men who build the little one protection from the sun, and from the rain
Let them hear it once again, the universal orchestra sing in a refrain
Like a drum beating in rhythm it continues on, into all and every moments past the end of this here song
i say our roots, made up of our ancestry
Stitching in together in the you and the me
Come feel it down, down, down, deep down in your roots
and grow it up, up, up,  growing stronger fruits
Come feel it down, deep down in your roots
and grow it up, up, up,  growing stronger fruits
Come feel it down, down, down, deep down in your roots
and grow it up, up, up,  growing stronger fruits
Come feel it down, deep down in your roots
and grow it up, up, up, up, up…..
– Chorus –

Open to the we, and you will see community
Reflected kin we be, bring bringing back the balance with the masterkey
Bring in the matrix, born beyond the veil, just a sip of the holy grail of soul
Once again the planet evolve now
Welcome in the heartbeat, born of this womb
We’re living life as an expression of the tomb
So come alive now, awaken to yourself, digging deeper we delve
Finding the heartbeat of humanity strong, community step into the spaces we belong
Bring it in now, with the rhythm of the all
Critical mass, then be heading the call
Bring it back bring it back, the balance of the one….breath
Bring it back bring it back, the balance of the one…. ness
Bring it back bring it back, the balance of the one, beloved one come comma come
Bring it back bring it back, the balance of the one…
Beloved one come feel the rays, of the sunraise
Bringing back the colours from our dreamtime
Weaving many stitches on our way
Bringing it back for all of the children, who will be eating from the fruits that were planted on this day
Bringing back the colours of the rainbow, with the blacks and the whites in there too
Bringing all the patterns from our dreamscape
if we bring it back well who knows just what we could do
Weaving it for all of the people who be holding up the vibe out there
Bringing it back for all that bringing the food to the table
and for those with a heavy heavy load to bear
Finding the heartbeat of humanity strong…….
– Chorus –

My heartbeats upon the land, autumn leaves falling into your hand
Timeless beloveds are swimming to the sea of love
I can fly I can fly, feathered with these wings that carry us high
Trusting these wings that will carry me to thee
On these Tawny wings, that carry me
These Tawny wings, that carry me into this love
These feathered wings, that carry me
These Tawny wings, carry me into the dream
For i have seen in your eyes, a mirror to me
That for thousands of years, I have been by your side, dancing the dream
Into this love, born from the banks by the stream
It keeps flowing on, and i will dance with you in the dream
– Chorus –
In this essence of love, I come to thee
and in these forests of green, there i will fall like the leaves
and rise with the sun, i dance with you deeper into the stream
and forever, I will dance with you in the dream
Into the dream, carry me carry me carry me
Into the stream, carry me this love, into the dream
Into the stream of this love
– Chorus –

Sweet little angel she was only five, but she carried a vibration that was so alive
and always searching each and every day, for another piece of wisdom to carry on her way
Into the forest, we went walking one day, learning about the teachings of the nature way
She picked up a seed from a tree, she held it in her little hand she turned to me and said, daddy
If I plant this seed will it grow, what kind of blossom will the sunlight show
and if i drop that pebble in the sea, what kind of ripple will it bring back to me
The years moved on into the high school yard, learning about life sometimes it can be hard
She carried the spirit of the sunlight ray, walking softly upon her chosen way
Some of the others in the playground that day, they were being so unkind with the things that they would say
So she walked up to the biggest boy, looked him in the eye
and shared the message from her heart in the hope that he would realize
– Chorus –
She walked into the office with a streamlined submission
of sustainable energy because that was her mission
To support the earth, and show another way
imagine the surprise that she got on that day
The man behind the counter was 2 years from retire
He did not realize the situation was dire
Sorry lady we can’t help you on this day, i wonder what his grandchildren would say
I wonder what they would say
– Chorus –
So many moons passed, till on this day she saw
her grandchildren playing down by the shore
The little boy came running, to her cross the sand
offering a pebble that he held in his hand
Hey grandma, look what I have found, looks like it has travelled around and around
What kind of ripple will it bring back to me, if i drop that pebble in the sea
Now I’m not saying I’m doing it better that you, but if we put our hearts together see what we can do,
for the seeds that we plant into the earth
they will germinate and bring our future into birth yeah
If we plant pure seeds they will grow, beautiful blossoms in the sunlight will grow
and if we drop sweet pebbles in the sea, magical ripples will come back… to thee

What is beyond the sky beyond this universe?
through all the gates we can, and cannot open
What is beyond this birth and beyond this death?
Who will weave the stitches when we are woven?
What is the power that can germinate the seed?
Who is the painter of the rainbow?
Who is standing at the centre of the sun
seeing that the flames grow brighter, when the wind blows?
I am, you are, we are all these things and more
I am, you are, we are all these things and more
We are the waves we are the shore
Tell me who wakes the waker, to sing the first song of the dawn?
Who is the singer of that birdsong, when the day is born?
Who is the two sides of the story?
Who is the holder of that power, who is the glory?
and as this body breathes, there comes a question in the mind
Who holds the answers to the things we are searching to find?
What is the key to dissolve these lows and highs?
Who is the door? We can walk on through and realize
– Chorus –
The reality behind the words
Who is this eternal being beyond all we have seen and heard?
Where is the stillness, this eternity unfurled?
Who is the witness, walking again through this world?
– Chorus –