From a life rich in musical pilgrimage, comes the auditory download of Murray Kyle.

Hailing from the visionary Byron Bay region of Australia, this mystic troubadour has built a dedicated international fan base from 15 years of grass roots touring all over the world. His live performances of heart medicine and Earth honouring songs, successfully blend conscious lyrics and authentic intention with a well produced sound. The inner world of this profound artist comes alive on stage spanning Shamanic Soul, Conscious Roots, World, and Sacred Music genres.

A prolific songwriter, multi instrumentalist, and sound engineer, Murray has released multiple self produced studio albums over the last decade, grounded in unity consciousness, and dedicated to the re-awakening of the beauty way.

 His journey in the worldwide heart music network, has led to studio and live collaborations with artists such as Tina Malia, Shimshai, Peia, Trevor Hall, Kevin James, Elijah Ray and many more.

This is contagious soul restoring music that will sweep you off your feet, out of your head, and into your heart. 

For more information, CDs, photos or interviews, contact:

Murray Kyle: +61 429476326


FIRE CARRIER Fire Carrier, burn once again, burn once again Aiming the bow of this journey, arrow of truth find a way Climb to the tallest branches, sweet are the fruits there a lay In the darkness, you can always light a candle and in the night time, ignite a flame...

Arrow to the Sun

BECKONING Deep in the heart, there’s a pulse that’s beating Deep in the heart, there’s a wall crumbling down Deep in the heart, a river flowing Beats as a drum, a calling to all x 2 Chorus – Deep in the heart, hear a beckoning call Deep in the hearth fire flame...

Mountain Song

GANAPATAYE Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha Open the way for my life to flow free clear the illusion that I may see A luminous path of harmony Every step a note in the symphony we’re dancing divine destiny Weaving our prayers in the tapestry Jaya Ganesha, Jaya Ganesha HIGHER...


ALIVE ALIVE From the beginning….. This movement it breathes, a community that feeds, the belonging that has me, witnessing times that are yet to be And this unity it grooves, moving to a sound that soothes like a visionary paints, with a palette of angels and saints...

Up from the ground

UNLOCK YOUR MEMORY It’s like the more we’re looking the less that we see the more we got do, the less we can be The more we build, the more we cut down the further we go, the less we’re leaving in the ground It seems like the more we know, the less we can grow Mass...

Signs of Life

WEALTHY MAN When i sit with my worries let them rest at my feet I can feel again myself, can feel my heartbeat Going on past the little, into the bigger picture So I take one step at a time, weave the beat one stitch into rhyme Feeling my wealth on the inside, yeah...